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A Guide to Team Building in Cape Verde/Sal Island

A Guide to Team Building in Cape Verde/Sal Island

There are ten islands in Cape Verde, but Sal Island is the most popular destination in this African country. Sal Island is a small island with a dry landscape. Along its long stretches are sandy beaches, resort towns, and a number of water-sports enthusiasts. Because of its unique features, Sal Island makes for an amazing getaway and provides tons of team-building activities to strengthen the bonds in any group. 

In this article, we will discover what team building in Cape Verde, specifically on Sal Island, entails.

Top-rated Activities in Cape Verde/Sal Island

1. Island Survivor

Everyone knows the classic icebreaker: “What is one thing you would bring with you on a deserted island?” Melt the ice completely by placing your team in this exact scenario. Like an episode out of Survivor, watch as your team develops trust and communication as they work together to catch their own food, collect drinking water, and participate in fun competitions to win necessary survival items. After successfully surviving a day on the island, relax together with your team while enjoying dinner, local drinks, music, and more. See if your team has what it takes to survive on a deserted island!

2. Treasure Hunting

Spend an action-packed day on the beach with your team as they engage in trust-building activities like relay races, obstacle courses, and treasure hunts where they search for clues on land and at sea. Force your team to learn how to work together as they attempt to conquer a variety of fun physical challenges that will put their cooperation and communication to the test! You can rent various transportation vehicles from buggies to segways to kayaks and build the ultimate adrenaline adventure that will forge lasting bonds your team will never forget.

3. Hiking and Trekking

Given the desert-like appearance of Cape Verde, it serves as a beautiful spot to hike or trek. There are several hiking trails in Cape Verde that make the experience worthwhile. For example, Sal Island’s natural reserve, the Serra Negra, promises a scenic view during the 4-hour trek, but it is a bit difficult to get to because of its labyrinth of dirt tracks. Hiking is a perfect opportunity for your teammates to gain confidence in themselves and each other as they work together to navigate challenging terrain and learn how to communicate effectively outside of an office setting.

4. Buggy Island Adventure

Take a trip on an automatic 4×4 buggy along the beautiful beaches, through the deserts, and past the natural reserve of Sal Island. These tours usually come with a local professional guide to show you the highlights of Sal Island such as Palmeira, Burracona, Blue Eye, Terra Boa, Pedra de Lume, Serra Negra, Kite Beach, and Santa Maria. Watch as your team bonds over the breathtaking scenery, exhilarating buggy ride, and a variety of playful group activities such as agility challenges that will nurture fun, strong, and positive interpersonal relationships. Take your team on an adventure of a lifetime as they enjoy some of Sal Island’s favorite haunts together on a thrilling ride.

5. Philanthropy

Build bonds and make a positive impact on the community through philanthropic team-building activities. Watch as your team comes closer together as they participate in fun-spirited competitions geared towards helping the environment and struggling members of the community. Nothing feels better than a positive bonding experience that effects real change.

Experience The Adventure Today!

Sal Island is a year-round holiday destination with only two seasons: winter and summer. Thus, most team-building activities are available throughout the year. Its temperature, culture, food, and location are also very welcoming for families with children. If you love water adventure, you won’t ever want to leave Sal Island. The activities mentioned above are all offered by No Limits Adventure. These are only the highlighted ones, and you are in for more surprises! Don’t hesitate to visit their website for more!

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