Because with us, you are not just a number!

We are one big family.

The No Limits Adventure® brand was born in 2014 in the Cape Verde Islands from the idea of our CEOs, Luigi and Zsuzsanna.

Luigi’s experiences with sea and off-road excursions in combination with Zsuzsanna’s experiences as a REP for big tour operators around the world created the ideal partnership for the perfect touristic experiences and activities.

The newborn No Limits Adventure® began by organizing Private Luxury Island Tours on Sal aboard a legendary H2 Hummer.

Through the years, the company has continued to grow and has increased our offerings, integrating our services with new and unique activities to make people’s holidays unforgettable.

First came Segways (2014), for which we still are the only provider for in Cape Verde, then Buggies (2017), then the Catamaran (2017), and finally the Quads (2019).

We also organize eco-friendly Shark and Turtle watching experiences to discover and to enjoy the wildlife of Sal Island.

No Limits Adventure® is now the biggest excursion organizing Agency in Cape Verde, counting more than 35 employees and offering plenty of activities created to fit the tastes and needs of every kind of adventurer – from beginners to the more experienced!


We will be opening soon!