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A stunning underwater cave with majestic blue and turquoise waters.

Located on the northwest coast of the island, Buracona is one of the most famous attractions of Sal, thanks to the natural swimming pool and the “Odjo Azùl” (Blue Eye).

The Blue Eye is a cave 24 meters deep that is connected to the ocean. When the sun reaches the center of the sky, the sunlight illuminates the sandy bottom of the cave that gives visitors an amazing reflection that resembles a Blue Eye.

A natural swimming pool resides adjacent to the Blue Eye. Due to the tides of the ocean, the conditions of the pool change on a daily basis. Many days the waters are ideal for swimming; however, on other days the pool will experience the strength of the ocean with waves crashing on black lava rocks.

There is a restaurant, restrooms, and a souvenir shop inside the area.

Entrance Fee

This attraction requires an entrance fee of 3€ per person. Entry is FREE for children and Cape Verdean nationals and immigrants with a valid ID Card.

For the best viewing experience

Since it’s a natural effect caused by the sun, it is important to view the Blue Eye on a sunny day when the sun is at its highest point between 11am and noon.