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Walk close with lemon sharks in this shallow bay on the eastern coast of Sal.

Located on the northeastern coast of the island near the village of Pedra de Lume, “Baia da Parda” (better known as “Shark Bay”) is the only place on the island where you can see lemon sharks from the shore while they are swimming in their natural habitat.

The shark bay is a lagoon with lava rocks at the bottom, which makes the area the perfect spot for lemon sharks hunting for food. Because of the shallow water, the tide of the ocean makes the place different every few hours and can make it easier to see the sharks depending on the level of the water.

Additional Info

In order to enter to see the sharks, it’s recommended to wear shoes (any type of shoes, except flip flops). If needed, you can rent shoes directly from local on-site vendors which cost on average roughly 2/3€ per person.

If you are not on a guided tour, you can typically give a small tip to one of the vendors and they will come with you into the water to explain a little bit about the sharks.