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price-date2 Hours

SSV/Buggy Night Experience 4WD

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Friday Starting at 20:00
From €140 / Buggy

Get the experience of driving through the dark desert in a buggy equipped with special lights, under guidance of a professional guide, during this adrenaline-fueled activity!



Helmet, Glasses, and Overalls Provided


1 Bottle of Water


Pickup and Drop-off

Local Guide

Friendly and Professional


Meet your guide at the reception of your hotel or at our base before starting your buggy night adventure. Relax as you go to the main office to show proof of a valid driving license before getting geared up. Start your journey through the beautiful sand dunes that surround Kite Beach, the favorite white sandy beach of the kite-surfers. Explore the green Oasis of Palha Verde with a short stop where you can admire the starry sky before returning to Santa Maria to finish in the vivid city centre for a (non-alcoholic) cocktail.

What to Expect

Preparation and Safety Briefing

Get your gear, put on your overalls, and join us on our fun but essential Safety Briefing

Costa de Fragata - Kite Beach

A beautiful white sandy beach full of colorful kite surfers.

Serra Negra Beach

An ideal spot for sea turtles nesting, Serra Negra is one of the two natural reserves of Sal.

Palha Verde Oasis

A beautiful Oasis in the center of Sal

Ocean Cafe

The Ocean Café is located on the center of Santa Maria.

Returning back

Shemagh Face Covering

Available for Purchase

Free Drink

One analcoholic drink included at the end of the tour

Route Map

No. To drive a buggy you need to have a valid driving licence category B and you need to have the original one with you. Without a valid and original driving license the driver will not be able to participate on the tour and no refund will be given.

Unfortunately a provisional license is only valid in the country of issue.

There is no minimum age required. We also provide a baby seat for children up to 3 years old

No. Our buggies are all for a maximum of two people. If you are more people, you can take multiple buggies or one person can choose to go with a guide for half the price.

We do provide Overalls to protect you and your clothes from the dust.

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A paradise for Kite Surfers

Located on the southeastern shore of the island, Costa de Fragata is the longest beach of Sal with a length of 4.7kms. Due to the huge dimensions, Costa de Fragata is divided into three parts: Ponta Jelonga, Cabeça de Salina and Kite Beach. “Kite Beach” is the most famous of these and is the name that the people commonly use to refer to Costa de Fragata.

The name, as you can easily imagine, comes from the kite surfers that frequent the beach for the direction of the wind that blows toward the island. The wind direction makes Costa de Fragata the most ideal beach of the island for kite surfing.

There are two kite schools as well. The oldest one “Mitu & Djo Kite School Cabo Verde” is owned by two local kite surfers, one of which was the first Cape Verdean World Champion of Kite Surfing.

In addition to kite surfing, Costa de Fragata is also important because it is one of the main nesting beaches for loggerhead sea turtles that come to Cape Verde every summer from June to November to lay the eggs.

Additional Info

“Mitu & Djo Kite School” is not only a Kite School but there is also a restaurant, restrooms, sun beds, and a kids play area. The school is only open during winter months, typically from November until May.

During the summer they host the volunteers of Project Biodiversity who set up camp to patrol the beaches to protect the threatened loggerhead sea turtles.

Located on the southeastern coast of the Island, Serra Negra is one of the two natural reserves of Sal.

Serra Negra is the primary nesting beach for Sal’s threatened sea turtles. The native loggerhead sea turtles are extremely sensitive to light pollution which can disturb their nesting habits and cause them to lose their way back to the ocean. Serra Negra Beach provides an ideal and safe nesting area due to the shade provided by the adjacent mountain.

Located on the center of the island, Palha Verde is the second biggest Oasis of Sal.

Palha Verde is mainly composed of palm trees and white sand. Inside of the Oasis you can find some rural houses of local families living there.

Pub Ocean Café

The Ocean Café is located on the center of Santa Maria, on the other side of the pedestrian street, in front of the main square. This is the last stop of our Buggy Night Adventure, where we get a complimentary (non-alcoholic) drink before returning back to our office.