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Deserto de Viana

The “Viana Desert”, also known as the Deserto de Viana or Boa Vista Desert, is a remarkable natural landscape located on the island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde. Despite not being a traditional desert, it boasts a desert-like environment with extensive sand dunes, arid terrain, and a unique sense of tranquility.

The Viana Desert stretches over a vast area, captivating visitors with its mesmerizing golden sand dunes that seem to extend endlessly. The dunes are constantly shaped by the wind, creating ever-changing patterns and forms. Some dunes can reach considerable heights, providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

This arid desert-like terrain is sparsely vegetated, with hardy shrubs and occasional tufts of grass adapting to the challenging conditions. The absence of significant human settlement adds to the sense of isolation and wilderness, making the Viana Desert an ideal place to escape the bustling world and immerse yourself in nature’s embrace.

Exploring the “Deserto de Viana” allows visitors to experience the serenity and vastness of the desert environment. You can wander through the soft sands, feeling the grains beneath your feet and experiencing the peaceful solitude that characterizes this unique landscape. The stark beauty of the desert is accentuated by the interplay of light and shadow, creating a mesmerizing spectacle during sunrise or sunset.

Photographers and nature enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to capture breathtaking shots of the dunes, with their sweeping curves and contrasting textures. The quietude of the desert also provides a chance for introspection and reflection, as you become attuned to the rhythms of nature and find solace in the vastness of the surroundings.

It’s important to note that the Viana Desert is a protected area, and visitors are encouraged to respect the fragile ecosystem. It’s advisable to explore the desert with the assistance of a local guide who can provide valuable insights, ensure your safety, and help preserve the natural environment.

Entrance Fee

This attraction requires an entrance fee of 3€ per person. Entry is FREE for children and Cape Verdean nationals and immigrants with a valid ID Card.

For the best viewing experience

Since it’s a natural effect caused by the sun, it is important to view the Blue Eye on a sunny day when the sun is at its highest point between 11am and noon.