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Explore the abandoned buildings and rich history

Walk in the footsteps of former outlaws in this famous abandoned gold mine.

Located approximately 50 miles away from Las Vegas, in the Mojave Desert, Nelson is one of the most famous Ghost Town in southern Nevada and a must-to-visit place from Las Vegas.


Back in 1775, the actual name of the town was Eldorado, given by the Spaniards who first discovered the gold reserves in the area that is now known as “Eldorado Canyon”.

Approximately 100 years later, the prospectors and miners of the time took over the place and established the famous Techatticup Mine, that was also featured in the world-famous videogame “Fallout: New Vegas”.

In early years, the nearest Sheriff was hundreds of miles away, and the Techatticup Mine became known as a lawless and violent place, where gunfights and death were normal.

“I think there never was another place where, in proportion to the population, so many murders were committed without the criminals being brought to trial or even apprehended”
– John Riggs (Eldorado Canyon Gold Miner in 1880)

The Eldorado name was changed in Nelson after Charles Nelson, a camp leader that was killed along with four others in 1897 by a local Native American.

Despite the chaos, Nelson’s mines produced several millions of dollars’ worth of gold and silver in approximately 100 years of activity.

Nelson’s mines remained open until 1945, when they eventually finished the production and closed.

After being, for the most part, abandoned for nearly half a century, Nelson “came back to life” in 1994 when Tony and Bobbie Werly purchased the town.

The family restored many of the old buildings and opened the Techatticup Mine for public tours, making Nelson a popular touristic destination for people visiting Las Vegas.

Nelson Ghost Town is now also a popular destination and choice for films and tv shows, as well as photo shoots and music videos.


The visit at the Techatticup Mine in Nelson Ghost Town lasts for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes during which you will walk for about ¼ mile (400 meters).

A jacket is recommended as into the mine is a little bit breezy and cool, mainly in wintertime.

You can only participate the tour only by reservation and a minimum of 4 people is required. You can book your tour directly on the Techatticup Mine Tour website by clicking here.