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price-date4 Hours

Saltwater Surf Fishing

From €80 / Participant

Fish capturable: Pigsnout Grunt, Horse-eye, Jack, Blackbar Hogfish, Different Shark



All the necessary equipment


Pickup and Drop-off

Professional Training

Offered in multiple languages


Surfcasting is a type of fishing, which was born in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s done on the beach with rods
able to throw the terminal far away from the coast.

Surfcasting uses underwater turbolences near the coast: by moving the oceanbed they attract grunter fishes, which attract little and big predators.

Surfcasting could be done at any part of the day with good results, preys are different depending on the time and on the terminal.

In the morning and in the late afternoon you could meet L. mormyrus, bream fishes, mullet fishes, barbles, hogfishes and common pandoras, but in the evening, after the sunset, we use heavier terminals to fish sorts of sharks, moray eels, and, not seldom, Xareu and skates.

As a variation of Surfcasting we organize a “competition” in the late afternoon on the beaches in front of the hotels: the shark hunting. After every catching we measure the shark and take the usual picture with it, then the unlucky fish will be free again.

Who fishes the longest shark will receive a certificate and he’ll win a necklace with a shark’s tooth.

You don’t need much experience to do this funny type of fishing and also children and ladies could participate, thanks to our staff ‘ assistance.

Fish capturable to Spinning

  • Pigsnout Grunt
  • Horse-eye Jack
  • Blackbar Hogfish
  • Different Shark

Fishing Spot

  • Ponta Sino
  • Ponta Preta


  • Rod: Best Master, Vengeance
  • Reel:Shimano Ultegra XSB 14000, Spheros 18000FB


  • Long cast with live or dead bait

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