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Jan 03
5 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Cape Verde Holiday

  New Year means new travel plans. We know all too well how stressful planning a…

Dec 06
Team Building Holidays: Why it’s a must-do

  The holidays are right around the corner, and the spirit of togetherness is all…

Nov 01
Once in a Lifetime Shark Watching Encounter in Cape Verde

As one of the most recognizable species in the world, lemon sharks are an iconic…

Oct 01
Why Your Next Holiday Destination Should Be Cape Verde

Located just off the western tip of Africa, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, is a…

Jul 14
A Guide to Team Building in Cape Verde/Sal Island

There are ten islands in Cape Verde, but Sal Island is the most popular destination in…

May 23
Turtle Watching In Cape Verde: A Must-Try

  Cape Verde is home to the third-largest population of nesting loggerhead…