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Why Your Next Holiday Destination Should Be Cape Verde

Why Your Next Holiday Destination Should Be Cape Verde

Located just off the western tip of Africa, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, is a cluster of ten distinct tropical islands known as Cape Verde. This archipelago is home to gorgeous weather, unimaginable volcanoes, and some of the most welcoming native people you’ll ever meet. Despite being named one of the top 18 places to visit in 2018 by CNN’s Travel, Cape Verde is not on the map as one of your hyper touristed hot spots like the Maldives or the Bahamas. Most people probably don’t even know that it exists. However, this hidden gem is perhaps one of the best places to spend your holiday. And we’ll tell you why.


The Incredible Beaches

Whether you like to worship the sun or participate in intense water sports, there’s a beach on an island in Cape Verde for you. Most of the popular beaches reside on Sal Island. There you’ll find people enjoying the balmy tropical weather, windsurfing, waterboarding, or grabbing a drink at one of the local bars. However, if you are instead searching for a serene getaway, we recommend hopping aboard the luxurious Lounge Catamaran Sodade. The comfort of our plush lounge beds, coupled with the sweet sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, provides a romantic atmosphere for those preferring an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life during their holiday.


Breathtaking Nature

For those who prefer to explore the refreshing comfort of nature during their holidays, Cape Verde is home to some of the most incredible prodigies of the natural world. From breathtaking volcanic views to a wide array of exotic wildlife, Cape Verde has much to offer when it comes to Earth’s creations. On Sal Island, you can ride through the rough desert terrain atop a fast-moving buggy or explore the majestic underwater cave known as the Blue Eye. There are no shortages of astonishing landscapes and species across this archipelago.


A Vibrant Culture

Perhaps the best part of Cape Verde being an underrated tourist destination is that the natives aren’t (yet) annoyed with travelers visiting their island. Instead, Cape Verde is home to 450,000 of the warmest, liveliest, and most welcoming communities you’ll ever experience. Their pride in their island exudes into their diverse art, delectable cuisine, and city culture. If you are in the right city at the right time, you’ll be able to catch the fusion of sounds inspired by African and Latin culture or inspiring murals painted across different historic buildings.


See for yourself

Cape Verde is a unique place that we wish more people knew about. Not only does it have the quintessential beach holiday vibe, but it houses a certain charm from its people that you will not get anywhere else on the map. If you are interested in planning your next trip, we invite you to check our website for must-do activities to plan in your itinerary. We hope to see you soon!

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